Commitment to the Organisation

Aligns behaviours and interests with the needs and goals of the organisation.



Competency Area



Aligns self with the organisation

Understands the rules and procedures in the organisation

Respects and follows the rules and other norms of working

Understands Civil Services values and acts accordingly

Executes work according to expectations

Promotes organisational objectives

Respects and accepts organisational priorities and sets own accordingly

Expresses pride, pleasure about being part of this organisation

Promotes and/or defends the organisation’s credibility and visibility with outsiders

Bargains and create goodwill for the organisation

Pursues work with passion and dedication

Supports the organisation

Makes choices and sets priorities to fit with the organisation’s goals

Collaborates with others to achieve larger organisational objectives

Suggests improvements in process and systems to promote the organisation’s effectiveness

Strives to deliver at high standards to external and internal stakeholders

Puts the organisation first

Puts organisational needs first even in trying circumstances

Stands by decisions that benefit the larger organisation even if they are unpopular or

undercut the unit’s short-term good

Acts as per the Civil Services Values even under trying circumstances

Encourages others in putting the organisation first

Nurtures the culture of commitment to the organisation

Acts as a role model

Supports colleagues in making difficult decisions

Is able to elicit commitment to the cause of the organisation from others (within and across own organisation)

Is able to make difficult decisions and stands by such decisions made by colleagues for the larger benefit of the organisation