Financial Planning and Budget Management

Maximise cost efficiency of organisational operations through financial planning, budget management and optimisation of operations



Competency Area

Business Management


Ensure adherence to established budgets

Monitor costs and expenditures against established budgets

Review manpower productivity to identify opportunities to reduce manpower costs

Approve procurement of goods and/or services within budgetary discretions

Develop budgets for organisational operations

Integrate data from multiple sources to support operational budgeting processes

Produce cost estimates for improvement projects

Propose and develop strategies to maximise revenues for the organisation

Recommend pricing strategies for the organisation

Approve operational spending within budgetary norms and limitations

Lead financial planning and budget management operations

Develop operational budgets in alignment with commercial objectives of the organisation

Convey the rationales for capital and operating expenditures

Oversee budget allocation to attain organisational objectives

Formulate pricing strategies for the organisation

Approve capital projects and major expenditures