User Experience Design

Conceptualise, project and make enhancement of the user's interaction and engagement with an IT product and/or service based on a robust analysis and understanding of the product and/or service's performance vis-a-vis the user's desired experience and outcomes. This involves creating wire frames to adequately guide and inform subsequent planning and development processes, and making enhancements to optimise the user's experience of the product and/or service



Competency Area

Design and Architecture


Define interaction process

Define parts or steps in the user interaction process, as part of user flow chart development

Translate user experience concepts into simple wireframes and general layouts

Analyse User patterns

Gather inputs and feedback from users on their needs and experiences with IT products and services

Analyse user patterns and feedback from target users of IT products and

Document immediate requirements

Visualise immediate user requirements and concerns when using the application

Create user experience design concepts that are user centred, through the understanding of

Anticipate future requirement

Anticipate future user requirements and consumer demands of IT products and services

Define guiding principles and philosophy for the intended user experience