Financial Transaction Modelling

Develop financial models and valuation models to arrive at a valuation conclusion



Competency Area

Financial and Transaction Management


Prepare relevant business documentation for reporting and transaction processing

Build financial calculations into spreadsheets

Apply flexibility in spreadsheets to accommodate modifications of assumptions

Choose appropriate valuation methods and modelling techniques

Model the financial aspects of the subject of valuation

Self-review the models for

Compile activities for unusual transactions

Review the financial aspects of the subject of valuation for gaps

Review the application of assumptions to the subject of valuation for gaps

Review appropriateness of the valuation method and modelling techniques

Review the models for errors and

Evaluate Assumptions

Evaluate the suitability of the assumptions applied to the subject of valuation

Guide the team in modifying the assumptions to increase accuracy

Ensure compliance of assumption norms

Ratify assumptions

Assess the appropriateness of the assumptions

Determine the assumptions to be applied based on the premises and bases of value, valuation approaches and methods

Test the assumptions