Business Opportunities Development

Identify new business opportunities to better meet the needs of existing markets and bring benefits to the organisation



Competency Area

Business Development and Strategy Management


Support business development pitches

Support business development pitches by following internal sales guidelines

Interpret and conduct market research to suggest potential areas of opportunities

Support preparation of data in presentable format for further analysis Recommend organisation’s potential products or service offerings

Analyse customer needs and expectations

Organise segmentation of markets in accordance with organisation’s selected criteria

Profile target market segments to support organisation business strategies

Identify existing and potential customer needs and expectations

Analyse customer requirements, markets, competitors and environments

Identify specific prospects or partners to approach to develop opportunities for the organisation

Identify positioning options based on market segmentation to support organisational business strategies

Develop business opportunities in target segments

Develop customer acquisition and retention programmes

Develop business opportunities based on customer needs and expectations

Develop recommendations to improve the organisation’s positioning in the market

Review strategic and partnership opportunities through quantity and qualitative analyses

Develop goals, plans and related metrics to track progress and manage obstacles to achieve program objectives

Implement metrics in tracking success of customer engagement

Build long term customer relationships

Formulate strategic business development plans for target markets and ensure alignment with organisation strategic direction

Lead in identifying and strategically assessing opportunities to create long term value for the organisation

Lead negotiation process to achieve desired outcomes

Drive customer adoption using strategic insight derived from detailed data analysis

Lead cross-functional relationships with both internal and external stakeholders

Evaluate implications of strategies and business targets to seek endorsement

Guide communication to internal stakeholders on opportunities to gather buy-in

Drive strategic long term customer relationships in alignment with organisation vision and direction

Expand strategic business development initiatives, prioritising opportunities that are in line with organisation strategic direction

Define strategic opportunities for the longest term value for the organisation

Weigh positive and negatives aspects to achieve optimal outcomes in negotiations

Oversee cross- functional relationships with internal and external stakeholders

Forecast implications of strategies and business targets for proactive mitigation

Establish policies for communication to internal stakeholders to gather buy-in