Product Marketing and Branding

Develop and implement product marketing strategies by leading sales data collection, segmentation, market research, product marketing idea development and optimisation. Implement product marketing strategies and recommend changes based on desired product and/or corporate positioning and branding



Competency Area

Product, Sales and Market Management


Support the generation and execution of product marketing ideas

Maintain corporate branding and market communications guidelines

Identify core value proposition of products

Identify appropriate product marketing campaigns based on

product knowledge

Present relevant market data to aid identification of product marketing opportunities

Brainstorm new product marketing ideas from market research

Execute product marketing implementation activities according to project timelines

Develop and oversee implementation of product marketing campaigns

Set marketing objectives of campaigns

Assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns using performance metrics

Analyse relationship between marketing campaign performance and sales data and margins

Adhere to product marketing campaign budgets

Compare traditional and novel marketing activities to arrive at appropriate marketing mix

Assess risk levels of product marketing plans and develop possible contingency plans

Facilitate creative thinking and idea generation processes during brainstorming

Assess feasibility of ideas to enhance product proposition

Evaluate product positioning and customer perception

Develop ideas to shift products to desired positions

Prioritise product marketing strategies and define marketing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Translate business strategies into marketing goals and KPIs

Articulate marketing resource needs to senior management

Develop insights from market research, market trends and consumer demands Identify opportunities for marketing diversification

Lead development of product proposition ideas to diversify product offerings

Review marketing campaign plans to ensure alignment to organisation’s strategic direction

Prioritise proposals based on urgency, opportunity cost and resource availability

Re-assess existing product marketing mix and branding plans

Adapt marketing strategies and plans where necessary to meet targets