Develop and apply procurement processes related to the solicitation of technology services through external providers. This includes the review of proposals, setting of vendor selection guidelines, risk assessment through appropriate audits and tests and selection of external service providers based on stipulated evaluation criteria



Competency Area

Stakeholder and Contract Management


Identify opportunities

Analyse business objectives to identify programming and coding opportunities, to ensure that the technical functionality of software designed is aligned to intended outcomes

Conduct research and environment scan on IT services and potential service-providers available to engage

Update leadership team on availability of relevant capabilities available externally

Prepare / help prepare RFP

Translate business requirements into programming and coding requirements, and design guidelines for the formulation of programmes and codes

Prepare a draft RFP, detailing the relevant business requirements, technical specifications and information needed

Ensure oragnisational interests are well protected

Suggest policy options

Develop a procurement plan based on project procurement needs

Influence procurement policies and procedures

Network with service /technology providers and motivate them to work with the organisation

Estblaish procurement policies

Establish organisation- wide procurement policies and processes

Manage responsibilities for conformance

Identify breaches and esnure processes are modify to secure such breaches