Crisis Management

Apply strategies designed to enable an organisation to deal with disruptive events by planning for responses to potential crises, establishing monitoring systems and training systems, communicating both internally and externally, and leading recovery processes



Competency Area

General Management


Manage crisis determine recovery activities and conduct post-crisis analysis

Define, identify and classify sources of disruptive events for input into crisis management plans

Identify critical business functions and develop risk profiles for business units

Allocate resources and implement 'return-to- normal' procedures in accordance with crisis management plans

Form crisis communications teams to manage communication processes during disruptive events based on requirements of communications plans

Communicate organisational crisis management key messages to relevant stakeholders

Conduct post-crisis analysis to determine the need for post-event interventions

Deliver training programmes to relevant stakeholders in addressing the performance gaps for crisis readiness

Develop crisis management plans and recovery strategies for the organisation

Identify current trends in disruptions that can impact business processes

Design organisation- wide crisis management plans for recovery from disruptive events

Direct crisis response and recovery activities to be implemented in accordance with business continuity and recovery strategies

Facilitate involvement of cross-functional teams in crisis management

Update S O Ps

Conduct a detailed Post-Event analysis to understand what worked and what can be improved

Incorporate / modify Standard Operating Procedures accordingly

Activate 'return-to- normal' procedures in accordance with crisis management plans

Activate crisis response and recovery activities and stand-down procedures in accordance with business continuity strategies and crisis management plans

Facilitate communication processes to internal and external stakeholders during disruptive events

Refine organisational crisis management plans to ensure relevance to the current threat environment