Attitude that showcases willingness to accept responsibility for self/ team's actions. A quality of being accountable for timely, cost-effective & quality results and also ensuring compliance with established set of rules & systems




Department of Personnel and Training DoPT



Displays sincerity and commitment while performing assigned tasks

Takes ownership of tasks as per instructions & ensures standards of deliverables are maintained during normal working conditions

Makes effort to adhere to fixed timelines without compromising on quality of work


Displays a positive attitude and accepts responsibility of results in the face of setbacks

Frequently assesses self performance and re-prioritizes accordingly for maximum results

Owns up to and learns from mistakes to improve future performance


Takes proactive responsibility of clearly communicating task objectives & priorities to the team

Takes ownership of others' performance to ensure delivery of quality outcomes within timeframes

Hold others accountable for achieving set objectives

Takes accountability for any failures or setbacks faced by the team


Leads successful execution of the pre-determined priorities of the department

Promotes a culture of quality & timely performance across the Department

Is responsible for smooth functioning of day-to-day departmental work

Prioritizes fulfilling the long term vision & mission of the department