Logical Thinking

Understanding a situation or environment by putting the pieces together and identifying patterns that may not be obviously related. Connecting the dots while resisting stereotyping.




Department of Personnel and Training DoPT



Observes & collects all the relevant data & information for integration

Follows a logical step-by-step approach for executing a task

Utilizes relevant skills for carrying out a particular task


Promptly identifies key issues and adopts a logical approach to problem solving

Demonstrates intellectual rigour and knowledge to understand, analyse and reason with complex and critical issues

Creates own hypothesis by identifying the similarities and differences between situations


Shows analytical ability and reasoning in identifying and addressing complex and/or sensitive issues

Adopts practical & easy to implement solutions to problems based on an understanding of the consequences

Takes stock of the bigger picture before coming to any conclusions

Approaches any problem keeping in mind past experience & learning

Makes complex ideas or situations easy to understand with the help of examples & illustrations


Communicates the ‘big picture’ clearly to the team

Analyses the situation & adopts the best possible solution to a problem

Keeps up with the global best practices to ensure greater efficiency & performance improvement

Constantly evaluates the working of the department and identifies opportunities for improvement/ change