Consensus Building

Build consensus through give & take, open dialogue, persuasion, reconciliation of diverse views/interests and trusting relationships. Gains cooperation from others to obtain information and accomplish goals.




Department of Personnel and Training DoPT



Is open to take into account varying viewpoints

Reaches out to multiple stakeholders to gather all the relevant information

Communicates the pros and cons of an initiative, as well as its benefits for the citizens/ end users in order to get buy-in


Develops relationships with experts and key sources of information to ensure delivery of quality services to the larger public

Proactively shares knowledge and information to ensure buy in

Customises the communication depending on the situation & target audience

Meets with team leaders regularly to gain support & buy in for any new ideas


Provides forums to elicit diverse perspectives across teams to enable robust decisions

Creatively uses the knowledge of the experts in order to address diverse interests of the stakeholders

Keeps stakeholders informed about various initiatives and engages with them regarding new initiatives

Makes an effort to understand the motives & opinion of others

Prepares for others’ reactions in advance by visualising the implications of the proposal


Helps to align diverse interests to a common goal

Explores innovative ways to converge different opinions, keeping in mind the end goal

Communicates with conviction and clarity in face of tough negotiations

Identifies opportunities to build relationships with external partners and larger communities with the purpose of serving the wider public

Demonstrates willingness to trade-off immediate gain with long-term benefit