Assigning responsibilities and authority to the right employees taking their skill, interests and development into account. Following up on assigned tasks and providing guidance as and when needed.




Department of Personnel and Training DoPT



Takes into account team strengths, interests & availability while assigning tasks

Has faith & trust in the ability of the team members to get the work done

Clearly communicates what is expected of delegated tasks by providing clear guidance


Follows up on the assigned tasks and provides guidance where necessary

Provides timely feedback and encourages the employee to undertake the task

Does not blame the employee for a failure and suggests a way forward

Recognises success and gives credit for the same


Communicate the criteria of success and allows the employee freedom to undertake the delegated task

Ensures adequate level of authority, required to deliver a specified outcome or series of outcomes

Provides others the autonomy to operate within Departmental Policies


Has faith in the technical know-how, decision-making, and managerial ability of others

Delegates full authority and responsibility to team members to provide solutions for the

Government and community on agreed policies

Creates a culture of trust and empowerment amongst team members