Leading Others

Ability to engage, energise, and enable the team to excel.




Department of Personnel and Training DoPT



Makes sure the team has all the necessary information

Sets clear directions for the team to follow

Regularly updates team regarding changes and decisions made on related work

Clearly communicates decisions to the team and the rationality behind them


Creates conditions that enable the team to perform at its best

Boosts team morale regularly through various activities & interventions

Takes into account team feedback at regular intervals

Creates a safe space for the team to express their grievances freely & confidentially


Takes ownership of the team, stands by the team and protects their reputation within the service

Ensures the development of the team at regular intervals through workshops & training programs

Resolves conflict, if any, within the team in an effective manner

Establishes & monitors norms for team discipline and imposes sanctions on its violation

Acts as a role model by implementing SOPs and following guidelines

Spots and Grooms Talent

Motivates & inspires the members to buy into the team/department's policy and mission


Communicates and creates buy-in for a compelling vision, that inspires confidence and generates enthusiasm and passion

Inspires people in rising to the challenge of meeting the goals of Civil Services

Is charismatic and is recognised as an outstanding team builder across departments