Identifies one’s own emotional triggers and controls one’s emotional responses. Maintains sense of professionalism and emotional restraint when provoked, faced with hostility or working under increased stress. It includes resilience and stamina despite prolonged adversities




Department of Personnel and Training DoPT



Is aware of ones own strengths and weaknesses

Does not act impulsively and stays rational while performing important tasks


Identifies the lacking skills and strives to develop them

Is aware of the impact of ones actions on others

Acts calmly and respectfully towards others despite difficult situations

Manages stress effectively and does not give up in the face of pressure


Continues providing effective leadership in situations of stress or adversity and successfully calms the team

Lightens the environment in the face of too much pressure

Guides others on how to deal with and overcome stressful situations at work

Does not let focus hinder in times of uncertainty & adversity


Nurtures a culture to identify and dissolve stressors by better planning and analysing the past instances

Creates and promotes culture of calm behaviour in a large group or organisation