Strategic Orientation

Formulates objectives and priorities, and implements plans consistent with the long-term interests of the organization in a global environment. Capitalizes on opportunities and manages risks.




Department of Personnel and Training DoPT



Has a clear understanding of the strategic objectives of the team

Understands what is required in their role and how this contributes to Departmental


Takes an active interest in expanding knowledge of areas related to their role


Keeps up-to-date with a broad set of issues relating to the work of the Department

Ensures their area/team activities are aligned to Departmental priorities

Gathers additional information from relevant sources inside and outside their Department

Focusses on the overall intent of what one is trying to achieve, not just the task


Is alert to emerging trends, opportunities and risks in the environment which might impact

or benefit the Department

Ensures that relevant issues relating to their policy area are effectively fed into big picture considerations

Anticipates the long-term impact of national and international developments in one’s area


Shapes the Department’s purpose in delivering Civil Service priorities for the public and economic good

Leverages technology in programme design

Shapes plans which help put into practice and support the Department’s long-term direction, including those shared with other departments