Scheme Management

Planning, developing, administering, implementing, monitoring and mitigating risks of central government schemes, ensuring that they provide the benefits to the intended citizens




Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation



Understands the elements that should be considered during scheme design, such as problem to be addressed and solutions, target beneficiaries, anticipated outcomes etc.

Observes current government schemes and its reported impact.

Maintain records in compliance with the scheme monitoring parameters.

Understands the concept of outreach and need for citizen engagement.

Ability to determine the internal and external parties required for scheme success.

Coordinates and follows up with all stakeholders (inter-departmental/ministry and external) on meeting decisions, data collection from various administrative subunits, timeframes, budgets, and expected results, among other things.


Conducts research, surveys, and needs assessments on potential government plan design models, problem statements, intended beneficiaries, and outcomes, among other things. For designing the scheme, researches and evaluates previously implemented patterns to identify impact and practice guidelines, and references to existing programme design approaches. Prepares proposals for financial planning as well as supporting structures such as monitoring and evaluation. Define Quality Assurance Frameworks and Indicators.

Organizes the manpower needed for the scheme.

Maintains a repository of scheme documents, including budgets, expenditures, stakeholder engagements, and calendars.

Create a procedure and templates for internal & external communication and reporting.

Schedule regular meetings with internal & external stakeholders.


Establishes a framework structure owing to the identification of a problem, the identification of a target group, and the articulation of intended outcomes.

Enhances the scheme design using learnings from previously implemented models and existing approaches & success stories of scheme design

Based on consultations with government and non-government stakeholders, alterations to the scheme design are made.

Prepares a budget to ensure that resources are allocated in a manner that will achieve the desired results within the expected timeframes, scheme specifications, budget and anticipated risks.

Develops communication and outreach plans for the scheme, including media relations, blogs, and social media.

Develops a process for gathering feedback from citizens

Collects data on scheme implementation and impact status.


Ensures that the scheme structure is evaluated as a whole and provides advice on all aspects, including the implementation plan, financial viability, monitoring and evaluation, etc. Providing guidance on scheme procedures, resource allocation, risk management methods, and timelines to the scheme director. Performs risk analysis using scheme documentation, historical patterns, and forecasting insights. Analyses and interprets a proposed scheme financial suitability in light of constitutional interpretation. Examines a scheme impact. Encourages the application of existing design methodologies to improve scheme design. Review, finalize, and manage the budget while keeping timescales and long-term goals in mind. Evaluates and offer suggestions for data collection and analysis. Identifies and resolves scheme obstacles with the help of relevant authorities and stakeholders. Ensure that all regulations and standards are followed. Communicates scheme status and negotiates different stakeholders' expectations.