Digital Fluency

Understand, identify, implement, and utilize digital tools/technologies so as to achieve organizational goals and collaborate effectively and efficiently.




Ministry of Electronics and Information and Technology Meity



Is able to use basic tools/technology to achieve a collaborative environment. Is able identify & extract digitally stored data & information for effective execution of task.

Knows how to store data & retrive data from various digital sources


Has good working knowledge of using advanced functions of digital tools/technologies for quicker turn around time like work operations including collating, & managing digital data in spreadsheets, databases, reports etc. able to integrate inputs from various tool/technologies/platforms to meaningful data, analysis and presentation.


Has in-depth knowledge of application and implementation of the tools/technologies, and how to effectively leverage the tools/technologies.

Know different technologies & applications that can be used to collaborate with others


Has expertise in choosing the right tools/technologies for solving the problem. Has experience in operating and integrating various tools/platforms for creating an intuitive and cutting edge way to handle information and data. Analysis, comparison, and contrast of differences in technologies, global trends, and understands the ways in which differences can be leveraged for the benefit of the organization. Mentors team and stakeholders to promote the use of digital tools/technology/platforms.