Adherence to Vigilance Guidelines

Demonstrate and apply knowledge, and guide others on vigilance matters to maintain procedural compliance, identify malpractice / corruption prone spots, and adhere to established systems and procedures related to vigilance.




Department of Personnel and Training DoPT



Recognises key stakeholders, and institutional structures, procedures as per standard documents on Vigilance.

Understands the overall procedures related to disciplinary proceedings, appeals, etc.

Aware about key initiatives taken by the central government to curb malpractices related to corruption.


Implement and enhance compliance controls and monitoring and surveillance processes.

Undertake examination of existing procedures in organization to identify sources of potential malpractices.


Develop compliance processes in accordance with the organisation's norms, rules and guidelines applicable.

Evaluate regulatory compliance exceptions and/or breaches.

Oversee identification and review of compliance exceptions and/or breaches.


Establish compliance monitoring and surveillance strategies.

Promote new amendments to the existing vigilance rules, procedures, systems, processes of the ministry/department/organisation.

Collaborates with multiple stakeholders in the ecosystem for seamless implementation of vigilance procedures.

Enables an environment of compliance and monitoring.