Coordination and Integration

Demonstrate the ability to coordinate, collaborate and engage with multiple stakeholders in the Ministerial, Departmental and Organizational ecosystem for enhancing effectiveness, efficiency, flexibility, equity, overcome institutional constraints and gain general acceptance of stakeholders.




Institute of Secretariat Training and Management



Understands the key stakeholders in the Ministerial, Departmental and Organizational ecosystem.

Is aware about the Allocation of Business Rules, Transaction of Business Rules.

Understands the procedures as laid down in the rules for initiating necessary consultations with other Ministries, Departments and Organizations.

Is able to understand the justifications, comments, and remarks presented in cabinet notes associated to coordination undertaken for inter-ministerial consultations


Able to apply all procedural rules pertaining to Allocation of Business Rules and Transaction of Business Rules while undertaking concurrence of other ministries.

Is able to ensure adherence to specific guidelines issued by the Cabinet Secretariat in specialized cases (for e.g. .

Able to prepare proposals with detailed justifications while drafting cabinet notes associated the consultations.

Able to summarize all comments from respective MDOs received and draft them in the main note.


Has the ability to coordinate with respective departments in a timebound manner while undertaking consultations with the other Ministries.

Leverages views / comments / remarks from multiple Ministries for enhancing the relevance and general acceptance among stakeholders in the ecosystem and summarizes without brushing aside conflicting views from consulted MDOs.

Is able to understand the need for suitable amendments to the Rules and initiates approval process regarding them.


Has the ability to guide in preparation of draft cabinet notes for undertaking inter-ministerial consultations.

Provides strategic guidance for identifying the associated Ministries for undertaking suitable concurrence for particular subjects.

Identifies the need for amendments to the rules associated to inter-ministerial consultations and guides in preparation of associated notes.