Learning Technology Design

Design learning technologies to enhance learning experience and delivery



Competency Area

Technology Development and Management


Research and recommend learning technologies

Recommend tools and techniques for evaluating HR effectiveness

Evaluate HR effectiveness in addressing current and future needs

Document HR effectiveness results

Benchmark effectiveness of HR operations against internal and external standards of excellence

Analyse data gathered to identify trends and hypotheses

Develop learning technologies

Define objectives of learning technology development and integration

Analyse information impacting the design, development and delivery of learning technology

Determine impact of learning needs and learner profile analysis on learning technology design

Create learning technology storyboard concepts

Design user interface to align with desired learning experience

Develop learning technology prototype

Conduct trials to test learning technology prototypes

Conduct feasibility and performance assessments

Incorporate outcomes of learning technology trials and assessments to create final product

Develop implementation and integration guidelines for learning technologies

Manage development of learning technologies

Evaluate trends and developments in learning technology design and application

Establish rationale for learning technology development and integration

Define learning technology design specification and requirements

Create framework for user interface design

Define metrics to measure learning technology user experience

Devise strategies and processes for conducting learning technology trials

Evaluate outcomes of learning technology trials and assessments

Evaluate potential applications of learning technologies

Design framework for learning technology implementation and integration