Public Health Policy Development

Document, evaluate, and develop public health policies for population health and well-being, taking into account the differing interests of stakeholders.



Competency Area

Public Health


Understands policy-making processes

Understands how public health action is informed by policies from government and non-government agencies

Summarises multiple dimensions of the policy-making process, including the roles of ethics and evidence

Lists key stakeholders involved in developing, funding, and influencing public health

Identifies policy options

Documents local, national, and global strategies that inform the development of health policies

Identifies selected policy options to address a specific public health issue

Proposes strategies to identify stakeholders and build coalitions and partnerships for influencing public health outcomes

Determines policy options

Reviews existing regulations and guidelines that inform the development of health policies, using systems thinking tools

Determines the implications of policy options, given a specific public health context

Mediates between differing interests of stakeholders, taking into account population health and well-being

Evaluates policy options

Evaluates health policies for their impact on public health and health equity

Develops a plan to target a specific public health issue, taking into account relevant evidence, legislation, etc.

Advocates for political, social or economic policies and programs that will improve health in diverse populations

Leads policy development

Monitors the implementation of existing health policies, to identify best practices

Leads the development of new policies and any strategic planning required for the same

Creates opportunities for stakeholders to address health needs and risks