Innovation Management

Manage organisation's ability to respond to internal and external opportunities by using creativity to introduce new ideas, processes and products



Competency Area

General Management


Implement basic innovation plans

Review and adapt the role of innovation for the department

Develop innovative and growth mind-set in the department

Facilitate discussions on innovation creation to add value to operations and product offerings

Source shortlisted technologies to support development of new processes, products and services

Promote innovation knowledge sharing within the department

Evaluate business function workflows and performance to identify opportunities for innovation and improvement

Make recommendations on innovation initiatives for implementation

Oversee the implementation of innovation initiatives

Measure the effectiveness of innovation initiatives

Share innovation strategies

Initiate cross-industry innovation sharing strategies and platforms

Establish systems to support innovation within the organisation

Evaluate organisational innovation processes and procedures

Formulate processes and structures to enhance capability of the organisation to generate creative ideas for different purposes and different degrees of value

Lead activities to measure performance of newly proposed or implemented innovation initiatives against established benchmarks

Solicit feedback from stakeholders on implemented innovation ideas

Review pilot testing and/or prototyping results to determine feasibility of innovation initiatives

Filter and select suitable innovation initiatives

Explore the external environment for ideas and opportunities for innovation

Build culture of innovation

Build a culture of innovation within the organisation to encourage continuous improvement

Develop innovation frameworks that are in line with the organisation’s vision, mission and values

Influence development of innovation strategies aligned with long-term organisational objectives

Transform innovation practices

Inspire organisation and garner support for innovative endeavours

Incorporate innovation into leadership and management activities

Sustain innovative thinking and practices to support long-term organisational strategies