Legal Drafting and Writing

Produce legal documents through the identification, application and presentation of relevant facts and laws to communicate specific messages in an organised and logical format



Competency Area

Investment and Financial Management


Draft reports and legal documents

Identify intended audience and goals for documents being produced

Identifying objectives, gathering necessary supporting information

organise all supporting information in in a logical and concise manner

Communicate the key messages within legal context

Define objectives of legal document in accordance with larger context and strategy

Organise the objectives and structure of reports and legal documents, draft, proofread and ensure the presence of relevant facts and laws

Structure language- written and oral to present persuasive and legally effective messages

Adapt the legal message/arguments

Establish appropriate writing formats and style based on legal drafting and writing guidelines

Adapt different techniques and concepts in legal drafting and writing

Articulate intended messages with appropriate and accurate supporting legal research, judgement for effective engagement with stakeholder