Human Resource Policies and Legislation Framework Management

Develop and review human resource (HR) policies and procedures against organisational needs, and in compliance to legislative, ethical and regulatory standards



Competency Area

Human Resource Planning


Draft human resource (HR) policies for the organisation

Identify objectives of HR policies in accordance with organisational HR standards and guidelines

Consolidate research and supporting information required to develop HR policies

Identify labour policies and legislation that are

relevant to the organisation’s HR function

Draft HR policies according to outlined structure

Proofread HR policies to minimise errors

Develop human resource (HR) policy documents in adherence to legislative requirements

Identify types of HR policies to address organisation’s HR standards and guidelines

Identify legislative and compliance requirements, and risks relevant to the organisation

Outline the structures of HR policies in consultation with relevant stakeholders

Review HR policy drafts

Verify prepared HR policy content

Refine HR policy documents according to legislative and compliance requirements

Document HR policies according to organisational procedures and legislative requirements

Communicate HR policies to employees and stakeholders

Establish human resource (HR) policy frameworks to support the successful implementation of HR objectives

Review existing HR policy framework against organisational needs and legislative, ethical and socio-cultural requirements

Assess impact of changes to labour policies and legislation on internal HR policies

Develop HR policy frameworks according to organisation’s business philosophy and vision and in compliance with legal, ethical and socio- cultural requirements

Consult with legislative authorities to verify soundness of HR policies

Secure buy-in and approval on policies and procedures from key stakeholders

Develop communication and implementation plans to address the impact of changes in HR policies

Evaluate HR policies and procedures to ensure effectiveness, clarity and relevance of the frameworks

Align organisational human resource (HR) policies with national strategic HR initiatives and legislation

Prioritise national policies and laws that would impact organisation’s HR standards and guidelines

Evaluate impact of changes to labour policies and legislation on the business

Drive the development and revision of HR policies according to national manpower initiatives

Devise strategies to implement and incorporate national manpower initiatives in HR policies

Communicate the impact of national HR initiatives to internal and external stakeholders

Secure buy-in for HR policy changes from internal and external stakeholders

Coach stakeholders on change management for relevant HR policies

Evaluate effectiveness and business impact of HR policies

Drive further refinements to HR policies for greater alignment with national

initiatives and legislation