Project Management

Execute projects by managing stakeholder engagement, resources, budgets and resolving problems



Competency Area

Business Development and Strategy Management


Manage project module

Coordinate the submission of RFP

Facilitate execution of project modules

Implement project plans based on the understanding of project objectives and project scope

Utilise appropriate methods and tools to track and dive progress

Manage medium scale project

Scope and drive completion of medium scale projects

Develop realistic project plans based on assessments of project objectives, scope and potential interdependencies with other projects

Explore opportunities of additional services / scope extension

Manage large projects

Manage large projects or multiple projects concurrently through the phases from definition, scoping, delivery and successful completion

Scope and plan projects in accordance with organisation requirements

Ensure project risk plans are identified along with mitigation plans

Align organisation and project objectives

Align project objectives and scope with strategic business priorities and direction

Spearhead introduction of new and emerging methodologies and tools that can be utilised to optimise project success

Ensure all the sobjectives (revenue and non-revenue) objectives of the project are met