Operational Risk Management

Develop and implement operational risk management strategies and structure to identify, measure, analyse, control, monitor and report on operational risks



Competency Area

Risk Management, Governance and Regulatory Compliance


monitor and identify irregular potential operational risks

Support the implementation of organisation’s overall operational risk management processes

Apply organisation operations risk management guidelines

Interpret organisation’s operational risk processes to identify potential risks

Analyse risk drivers, monitor risk indicators and deploy risk response activities

Describe and implement organisation’s overall operational risk management processes

Monitor effectiveness of the riks management strategies periodocally

Deploy risk assessment techniques to verify operational risk levels

Formulate & deploy operational risk management processes

Develop and implement effective operational risk management framework and methodologies

Review impact of operational risk drivers and categories of risks

Determine overall operational risk exposure to develop organisation’s operational risk management processes and formulate risk response plans

Formulate, align and implement risk mitigation strategies

Formulate and align organisation’s operational risk management with organisation’s overall risk management strategies, frameworks and processes

Drive the development of organisation’s operational risk management strategy and process in line with the organisation’s overall risk management framework

Ensure knowledge of risk mitigation plans and the organisation is constantly updated on changes