Learning and Development

Develop knowledge, skills and abilities of self or employees to support the capability development needs of the organisation



Competency Area

Organisational Development


Participate in opportunities for personal learning and development

Apply feedback from others to initiate one’s learning and development

Participate in opportunities for learning and development

Use feedback from others to improve work activities and one’s performance

Apply new learning and feedback from others to demonstrate improvements in performance

Demonstrate flexibility and openness to suggestions and feedback

Adopt feedback from others for self- improvement

Seek opportunities to develop self and grow expertise

Demonstrate sustained improvements in one’s performance as an outcome of learning and development interventions

Administer training for team members to equip them with the skills and abilities to excel in their job roles

Identify areas for improvement in the team’s overall skillsets

Develop workplace learning plans to ensure team members are equipped with the right skills to perform their roles

Facilitate workplace learning by administering training programmes for team members

Provide clear and constructive feedback regarding learning progress of team members

Provide guidance and advice to team members on their learning and development needs

Review training needs and create learning opportunities for employees

Conduct standard testing and needs analysis to determine potential improvements in learning and development programmes

Design workplace learning blueprints for the teams

Engage key stakeholders in the design of workplace learning blueprints to ensure their relevance

Develop the required training materials for workplace learning programmes

Evaluate effectiveness of workplace learning and mentorship programme design to meet organisational needs

Oversee implementation of learning and development programmes

Review and critique the quality of existing workplace learning blueprints

Lead the involvement of stakeholders to define and clarify learning needs of their teams

Redesign training programmes based on analysis

Ensure adequacy of training resources to achieve optimal outcomes for the organisation