Taking Accountability

Takes ownership for outcomes (successes or failures) while addressing performance issues fairly and promptly.



Competency Area



Delivers results consistently

Demonstrates sincerity and commitment to the job/duty

Does not make excuses, demonstrates a ‘can do’ attitude and delivers consistently

Takes personal ownership for the quality of own work and keeps stakeholder informed about the progress

Remains focussed on delivery within specified timeframe

Delivers results even in unfavourable conditions

Remains positive and focussed on achieving outcomes despite setbacks

Sets and achieves challenging goals and monitors quality regularly

Regularly reviews performance priorities and fine tunes to achieve results

Takes ownership of any shortfall and draws lessons to improve performance

Manages performance

Clarifies priorities, roles, and responsibilities; ensures role and talent fit and secures individual and team ownership of objective

Communicates expectation and standard clearly

Promotes a culture of accountability for service delivery to citizens

Provides feedback to support performance improvement

Maintains effective performance in difficult and challenging circumstances, and encourages others to do the same

Reviews, challenges, and adjusts performance levels to ensure quality outcomes are delivered on time

Takes accountability for team performance especially in case of failure

Takes ownership of others’ performance

Energises and drives others for achieving set objectives

Holds others accountable for delivering high standards and effective performance, and assists them continuously to improve performance while serving the citizens

Maintains a strong focus on priorities and swiftly responds to changing requirements

Incentivises desired behaviours and rewards successful performance

Drives performance culture

Takes accountability for achieving the Department’s strategic priorities

Drives a performance culture across the Department to achieve results through others

Resolutely holds others accountable for outcomes to the citizens

Drives long-term objective of the organisation even in the face of short-term difficulties