Livelihoods Design

Design and advocate for livelihood interventions that respond appropriately and ethically to various needs, including but not limited to psychosocial and mental health, social, and financial.



Competency Area

Livelihood Development


Understands livelihood concepts

Understands basic concepts within livelihood and livelihood development (assets, institutions, social relations, etc.)

Describes livelihoods framework that includes strategies, activities, outcomes, security etc.

Summarises existing domestic and global livelihood policies, strategies, and programmes

Maps the current policy landscape along with different schemes that work towards livelihood promotion at the federal and state level

Conducts a stakeholder analysis to understand the ecosystem and the different players involved in decision making and implementation/execution of the programmes

Aware of evidence-informed approaches to livelihood promotion

Discusses needs associated with livelihood development

Conducts a detailed needs assessments/scoping exercise to understand the context of livelihood development, different assets owned, and access to the same

Aware of tools for design, implementation, and evaluation of livelihood interventions (livelihood profiling, IA-SPS, CoDRIVE PD, participatory learning tools, etc.)

Documents research on economic well-being and its associated factors

Supports livelihood interventions

Assesses local factor and demand conditions for livelihood interventions

Addresses parameters for generalizability to plan a multi sectoral approach to livelihood development

Supports a multi-sectoral approach to livelihood development, including the integration of various needs a person or a community might have

Leverages existing research on livelihood policies and programmes to identify windows of opportunities

Designs livelihood interventions

Designs livelihood interventions by triangulating factor and demand conditions and selecting suitable livelihood activities

Responds to various needs in livelihood interventions (psychosocial and mental health needs, social needs, financial needs, etc.)

Integrates the working of different stakeholders across sectors and functions to plan for a smooth execution of livelihood interventions

Evaluates the use of livelihood strategies, and proposes solutions for improvements

Advocates for multi-sectoral livehold interventions

Adapt’s livelihood interventions to the sector’s evolution

Advocates for the link between livelihoods and other sectors, to encourage a multi-sectoral approach

Disseminates results from effective livelihood interventions to relevant stakeholders