Data Ethics

Apply legal and ethical principles in the collection, use, storage and disposal of data



Competency Area

Governance and Compliance


Apply and uphold principles of handling of data

Adhere to the organisation’s code of conduct and the PDPA in the collection, use, retrieval and disposal of personal data

Accept responsibility for own behaviour

Recognise and report potential breaches in code of ethics

Apply decision-making process to resolve ethical dilemmas

Manage address ethical dilemmas and issues

Review internal code of ethics to identify gaps and improve accountability in the use of data

Monitor compliance to professional, ethical practices, legal and regulatory requirements

Maintain relevancy and currency of organisation legal and ethical operational procedures

Formulate the organisation’s code of ethics, systems and processes

Establish procedures to identify and address ethical problems

Develop and implement procedures to maintain confidentiality in accordance with data protection and ethics guidelines

Evaluate compliance requirements

Disseminate changes and updates in ethical- legal requirements, professional code of conduct and standards of practice

Maintain an environment conducive to upholding ethical data usage

Facilitate resolution of ethical conflicts in situations of breach of data ethics

Drive professional, legal and ethical accountability and responsibility within and across organisations

Evaluate organisational governance, compliance and risk management policies and procedures in relation to code of conduct relating to data

Assess changes in legislation and regulations, and benchmark ethical practices in the local and international contexts

Design new data ethics frameworks, formulating change structures and procedures

Determine ethical and legal implications on professional practices in policy review initiatives

Establish and monitor quality assurance procedures to ensure governance and ethical accountability

Identify and incorporate changes in ethical practices, professional guidelines, legislation, regulations and reporting requirements with reference to data-related government initiatives

Foster inter-disciplinary team collaborations to address ethical concerns, risks or considerations, benefits and outcomes of data- related projects