Policy Development

Understand, examine, and forecast policy development cycles, specifically in India, to ensure alignment with government priorities.



Competency Area

Public Policy


Understands the policy development cycle

Understands the policy development cycle, specifically in India (agenda setting, formulation, design, analysis, etc.)

Assists in sourcing relevant information, resources, and actors across the policy development cycle

Recalls types of public policies (welfare, regulatory, distributive, etc.) and the institutions that play a crucial role in policy development (legislature, executive, judiciary, etc.)

Aware of major policies in India and the underlying intent behind them

Supports identification of policy development priorities

Applies historical trends to contemporary policy development cycles

Diagnoses policy problems by identifying patterns and relationships across sources of information

Documents information and interacts with relevant stakeholders to identify policy development priorities within formal and informal institutions

Maintains an updated database of major policies in India, including implementation statistics, upcoming evaluation programmes, academic literature, potential changes, etc.

Reviews policy development cycles

Assess policy development cycles with a focus on intent and effectiveness

Conceptualises policy problems through local contexts, government objectives, user perspectives, and implementation processes

Reviews policy development cycles to ensure they align with governmental priorities

Analyses major policies in India to illustrate evolving trends, new evidence, and major changes in policy development

Incorporates a dynamic approach to policy development cycle

Influences and participates in discussions on sector-specific policy development cycles

Links policy problems with implementable responses, keeping in mind local contexts, government objectives, and user perspectives

Establishes public policy networks within formal and informal institutions

Incorporates a dynamic approach to policy development cycles to ensure adaptation to change and loopholes

Forecasts strategies for policy development cycles

Encourages new policy development methods

Advocates for policies amongst relevant government and non-government agencies (civil society organisations, parliamentary committees, public officials, etc.)

Forecasts and prepares strategies for dealing with short, medium and long-term policy development cycles