Employee Mobility Management

Establish policies to facilitate employee movements according to legal, organisational and professional requirements and guidelines



Competency Area

Workforce Development


Gather information to support employee movement

Provide administrative support for employee movement

Collate information needed to document employee movement

Generate contracts to be used for employee movement

Disseminate endorsed documentation to relevant parties

Facilitate employee movement

Liaise with key stakeholders in facilitating employee movement

Review contracts to be used for assignee’s movement

Liaise with vendors and contractors to ensure documentation and services are in place before the move

Coordinate with stakeholders in fulfilling assignee’s welfare needs

Oversee employee movement processes

Select vendors to manage and process visa, tax and services requirements due to employee movement

Explain remuneration proposals to employees based on cost of living indexes and organisation's remuneration policies

Draft mobility policies to be used for employee mobility

Design immersion programmes to integrate international assignees into new environments

Review employee mobility processes to identify potential improvements

Recommend refinements to employee mobility processes

Establish employee mobility policies

Develop organisation- wide employee mobility policies

Align employee mobility policies and practices with business direction

Secure buy-in from senior management on employee mobility policies

Verify business viability of mobility-related compensation and benefits allocations

Establish strategies to facilitate employee mobility and integration in new environments

Endorse refinements to employee mobility processes