Digital Marketing and Communication

Develop digital outreach plans and marketing collaterals to communicate and enhance the organisation's employer brand



Competency Area

Employee Attraction


Implement digital outreach and engagement plans

Evaluate the effectiveness of current branding and outreach activities

Assess the impact of digitalisation on employer branding initiatives

Identify digital platforms used in employer branding and marketing

Develop drafts of digital employer branding and communication collaterals

Implement digital outreach and engagement plans to harness employer branding

Maintain digital channels used to connect with potential hires

Monitor the digital presence of the organisation’s employer brand

Propose ideas to boost digital outreach and marketing efforts

Develop employer branding collaterals

Develop plans to engage potential hires through digital outreach and marketing

Design digital employer branding collaterals with the marketing and corporate communications team

Leverage on digital technologies to establish differentiators in the employer brand

Review effectiveness of digital channels in connecting with target audiences

Drive the digitalisation of employer branding

Project future employer branding needs

Direct employer branding and market engagement efforts across digital platforms

Evaluate the costs, benefits and feasibility of digital marketing and communication plans

Promote the integration of digital technology and HR initiatives

Define the desired objectives and image of the employer brand on digital platforms

Align digital marketing and outreach strategies with the organisation’s digital strategies

Review the effectiveness of the digital marketing and communication initiatives

Recommend improvements to enhance effectiveness of digital outreach efforts