Knowledge and practiced ability to draft a communication in line with proposed decision, with correct form, right addressee and signatory, without making any noise whatsoever.



Competency Area

Office Management


Draft-writing a communication with zero procedural error

• Knows what is a draft communication and when it is necessary to propose a draft communication;

• Has expertise and practice to place a draft communication in a file, with proper indexing;

• Has ability to identify sender, receiver, language, form, size, typing style and purpose of any official written communication being proposed;

• Knows how and when to propose any written document other than a communication; and

• Has ability to type / word-process document of any look, language, size and shape for draft purpose following all instructions and government policies related thereto.

Scrutinizing and endorsement correctness of the draft

• Has ability to scrutinize selection of sender, receiver, language (as per official language policy), tone of language in consonance with correct form and real purpose, size and look in terms of objectives behind a proposed communication or document;

• Knows how to direct corrections where necessary, in the typed draft; and

• Able to prepare a draft independently, if need be.

Holding responsibility for zero error in procedural compliance and language clarity

• Ability to keep complete and undivided alertness while signing correspondence after conducting a double-check with respect to approval, form of communication, amount of money (where applicable) both in figures and words, language use (as per official language policy), tone (in line with objective / purpose), grammar & spelling used therein, name (where applicable), address, phone / fax, email id and proposed mode of transmission;

• Possesses confidence to endorse a draft correspondence put up in file after checking its correctness.

• Ability to correspond independently with members of staff working under her on any matter of procedural or disciplinary significance relating to accuracy (or lack of) of a draft.