Litigation Management

Unfettered Knowledge of procedure to handle every types of court matters from Secretariat side and practiced ability to pass on zero error document to Law Officers



Competency Area

Office Management


Making document ready as per procedure

• Possesses practiced and quick ability to distinguish different types of court notices and listings;

• Has practiced ability to list out preliminary objections from an application; prepare para-wise reply; a case for filing it in affidavit for with approval of the competent authority;

• Knows how to process orders/judgements for implementation or seeking extension of time or review or make an appeal against, in the higher court of law;

• Knows how to calculate financial implications emanating from litigation and how to make payments therefor;

• Knows ways of preparing and maintaining register of court cases and have it reviewed from time to time;

• Has ability to identify agencies to implement or take action as per the order/judgement;

• Has practiced ability to list out steps involved in impleading; filing a contempt or caveat; and attend to court hearings.

Ensuring zero error in document from procedure and fact view points

• Knows the most probable areas of mistakes and possesses a practiced ability to point them out quickly;

• Possesses ability to train subordinates in gaining all level 1 competencies through regular coaching and mentoring;

• Is well aware of advisory channel of Department of Legal Affairs, Ministry of Law and knows how to maintain good rapport with them;

• Knows how to get and from whom to get legal vetting done

Double checking for procedural and factual mistakes and briefs law officers

• Possesses practiced ability to identify legal issues and segregate them from other related submissions in any type of petition, quicker than in any other line managers;

• Possesses distinguishably separable superior ability to put forth legal position of the government in a holistically developed argument in affidavit form;

• Able to brief government counsels about governments stand in an easily understandable, patient, calm, composed and friendly way of oral communication; and

• Knows what to instruct and/or train the subordinates about how to get and from whom to get legal vetting done.