Attention to Detail

Ensuring compliance to procedures, rules & guidelines and delivering work that is thorough, meticulous and devoid of errors.




Department of Personnel and Training DoPT



Strives to obtain detailed & comprehensive information from commonly available sources

Is aware of knowledge resources & SOPs associated with and adheres to them as much as possible

Seeks out colleagues & seniors in order to clarify doubts/ reconfirm details


Reviews all deliverables before submission to ensure quality standards

Devises a work plan and adheres to it to avoid missing timelines

Keeps a thorough checklist of personal tasks & duties to ensure nothing is missed

Is extremely careful & mindful while dealing with sensitive & confidential information


Holds self and others responsible for sticking to knowledge resources and set SOPs of the department

Sets the standard for the level of detailing needed in quality deliverables

Ensures maintenance of record of agreed upon actions and regularly reviews the status to avoid missing timelines

Digs deeper by asking questions, or examining knowledge resources when not satisfied with the level of detail


Closely monitors the standard of deliverables created across the Department

Mitigates broader issues to ensure compliance and minimize risk to the Department

Is able to discern loop holes and assure their timely resolution