Developing Others / People Development

Creates a positive environment for learning and hones others' ability to perform and contribute to the nation by providing learning through formal & informal channels.




Department of Personnel and Training DoPT



Ensures new employees are onboarded into the system

Works with team members to set individual targets & goals

Encourages others to engage and participate in multiple learning opportunities


Provides detailed explanations for successful task performance and answers queries

Assesses team member needs and assists & supports them accordingly

Provides regular & constructive feedback for performance improvement


Measures & tracks progress of team according to their set goals, objectives and career plans

Values diversity & individuality of team members and ensures an atmosphere of harmony and inclusion

Guides employees in developing skills by recommending appropriate training and sources of information


Devises mechanisms that ensure continuous learning of staff without affecting their work deliverables

Analyses the gaps & needs of the department and proactively ensures development of staff to meet the gaps

Communicates leadership development opportunities to the team routinely