Office Management

The administration and enforcement of compliance of secretarial work in compliance with the updated manual of office procedures (CSMOP) towards effective and efficient administration




Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances DARPG



Understanding of the office procedures defined in CSMOP (latest version) and its implications. Position-specific procedures are furnished as defined in the DARPG SoWs for various positions (like Assistant Section Officer, Section Officer, Under Secretary, multitasking team members, etc.).Adheres to written and verbal instructions regarding official duties defined in the CSMOP and work allocation orders.

Maintains Dak receipts, file dockets

Uses the E-Office Digitization Framework to transition to an electronic file management environment.


Establishes understanding of office procedures (Dak management, file management, etc.) as outlined in various orders such as CSMOP and job assignment orders.

Simplifies procedures and aids in the creation of standard process sheets that take into account numerous checkpoints and dangers.

Provides practical assistance with daily duties

Encourages the digitalization of processes by Using the CSMOP, identify and classify critical documents and data for the E-Office digitization process.


Explains the advantages of procedural compliance and demonstrates them with effective record-keeping procedures.

Easy procedural alternatives are proposed based on efficiency or sustainability concerns.

Even in challenging circumstances, follows systems and procedures given occasional direction.

For the office digitization process, interacts with different stakeholder groups in the manual to digital transition.


Concurrence with procedural compliance and justifies occasional exceptions to the procedure to address specific public concerns (such as opening an electronic file instead of a physical one, etc.).

Provides recommendations regarding modifications to procedures and processes in the CSMOP manual

Promotes compliance with procedures in challenging situations (e.g., vigilance matters, financial prudence, etc.).

Ensures the maintenance and management of office information