Handling Parliamentary Proceedings

Developing procedures, processes, and systems for effective publication of information in order to ensure smooth operation of parliamentary proceedings.




Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs



Exhibits knowledge of parliamentary procedures and different types of queries pertaining to Lokshabha and RajyaSabha

Is able to understand Parliamentary questions and gathers information to draft responses.

Is able to preserve advance copies of parliamentary reports and returns

Outlines the purpose and intent of Registers of Assurances


Drafts response to parliamentary questions using information from credible sources and research

Ensures that each house receives the advance copies of parliamentary reports and returns

Is able to maintain repository of Assurances, daks, reports etc


Is able to review and revise the responses of Parliamentary questions

Assigns the parliamentary papers/questions for further processing

Tracks the status of assurances and takes measures to ensure that they are fulfilled; Informs higher officials about the chance of an issue occurring; Coordination, administration and liaison in relation to all parliamentary matters related to the ministry.


Supervises and mentors in drafting responses to parliamentary questions;

Is prepared to provide any quick-hand assistance required by any officer/minister in Parliament;

Keeps abreast of all Parliamentary terminologies, business types, formalities, and timings of the House, which she can offer advice on.