People First / Citizen Centricity

Passion for serving people with special care for the marginalised and disadvantaged. Being approachable, welcoming, caring and rising above bias while interacting with people. Aligns public needs with organizational objectives and takes into account impact on citizens before taking any decision.




Department of Personnel and Training DoPT



Seeks information regarding the needs of the public, specially of the marginalized and disadvantaged

Responds to any public inquiries within the given timeframes

Aims to address all the issues of the citizens in an unbiased manner


Responds promptly and with accuracy to any public queries

Is accessible to all citizens and seeks their feedback on new policies

Ensures there are mechanisms in place to capture public feedback and implement it

Understands issues from others’ perspective, particularly the disadvantaged


Involves a diverse range of staff members, stakeholders, and partners while creating any new policies to ensure all possible opinions are taken into account

Is a role model of positive community service

Proposes new, innovative & easy to implement methods of identifying needs of all sections of society and meeting them

Tracks global trends & best practices that can be implemented for providing best possible service to citizens

Monitors the execution of feedback taking mechanism and the implementation of citizen feedback


Ensures multiple mechanisms are in place to obtain insights from the community

Cultivates relationships with relevant stakeholders from the public to validate usefulness of executed policies & services

Monitors quality of services being implemented

Clearly communicates broad range of community requirements in the Department

Elicits employees' commitment to serve the public good

Works across the Government to deliver best quality service, with a strong focus on the marginalised and disadvantaged

Promotes a culture focussed on serving the larger public to the best of the ability