Decision Making

Takes well informed & timely decisions taking into account the relevant facts, data, risks and differing points of view.




Department of Personnel and Training DoPT



Gathers the relevant information & stakeholders needed for taking a particular decision

Makes a decision taking into account the relevant guidance, rules & timelines

Clearly communicates the rationale behind the decision both verbally and in writing

Is able to defend the decision with relevant facts & data if questioned


Consults experts if needed to get additional information to make an accurate decision

Recognises scope of own authority for decision making and escalates to the appropriate level if necessary

Stays away from personal bias and stereotypes while taking decisions

Demonstrates decisiveness when under pressure or faced with complex or sensitive situation


Uses limited information and arrives at conclusions during a crisis situation

Analyses the impact of past decisions made and incorporates lessons learnt in future decision making process

Empowers team members to make decisions

Seeks out best practices while taking decisions for the team


Anticipates impact of decisions & foresees any unintended consequences on the larger public

Reconciles competing views in order to move forward in a way that is beneficial to the public

Is confident in the decisions and able to defend them at the highest level

Swiftly analyses complex and ambiguous data to provide clarity of thinking and direction to

the Department

Gives unbiased advice to Ministers based on past experience & analysis

Is not afraid to put forth conflicting points of view

Strives to make decisions for the benefit of the larger public, particularly the marginalized & disadvantaged