Drive for Results

High Drive for achieving targets and competing against a standard of excellence.




Department of Personnel and Training DoPT



Understands stated objectives & follows set plan to meet objectives

Utilizes assigned resources effectively

Ensures completion of tasks within the set budget

Keeps superiors updated on the progress of work


Prioritises tasks as per revised goals & plans to ensure maximum output achievement

Makes adjustments in the plan and ensures effective results in the face of emerging crisis

Anticipates delays and proactively works towards avoiding them in order to ensure delivery within timelines


Aligns people, work and systems to achieve timely & effective results

Monitors and controls resources and costs

Sets & revises goals & plans as per new developments/needs

Delegates responsibility and accountability to appropriate levels

Takes ownership and acknowledges impact and outcome of decisions

Ensures rigorous planning and implementation to deliver on priorities


Sets direction and oversees the implementation of priorities

Ensures that the pace, scope and cost of initiatives are planned, monitored and controlled

Informs decision-making with sound understanding of context, data and evidence

Makes challenging decisions and takes action at the opportune time

Develops strategies to maximize the effectiveness of resources, improve outcomes and results