Initiative and Drive

Exceeding expectations while performing duties. Refusing to give up in the face of adversities. Remaining optimistic & persistent under pressure and bouncing ack quickly from any setbacks or failures.




Department of Personnel and Training DoPT



Shows action orientation and commitment to achieving outcomes and objectives Demonstrates personal drive and enthusiasm towards work

Possesses the self-motivation necessary to undertake a task independently


Makes an attempt at resolving any issues that arise to ensure completion of work

Knows when to seek advice and judgement from superiors

Accepts negative feedback in a constructive manner


Proactively seeks new opportunities for growth and improvement

Anticipates and plans for the next steps

Identifies and steps in during a crisis to ensure completion of work

Maintains composure and provides direction to the team in uncertain/adverse situations


Plans for the long term

Anticipates and takes action on possible opportunities

Nurtures an environment where individuals are willing and able to take initiative without fearing consequences of failure

Creates and supports environment that allows team members to make mistakes and learn from them