Innovation and Creativity

Proposes new ideas & provides fresh insights into situations; diverges from conventional methods; aims to design and implement new or cutting edge programs/processes.




Department of Personnel and Training DoPT



Has a positive outlook towards change and is open to new ways of working

Improvises different approaches if needed to complete a task


Openly communicates ideas for improvement to supervisors

Attempts to derive ways to do a task effectively and efficiently from past experience

Consistently reviews self performance to identify areas of betterment

Judges a new approach without any bias and only on the basis of its merit


Seeks improvement in public service delivery through new & improved methods that make the most of technology

Identifies bottlenecks and provides solutions to combat the same

Challenges the status quo and looks for unconventional solutions

Encourages ideas, improvements and measured risk-taking to improve services

Critically challenges decision making and allocation of resources


Promotes innovative thinking and welcomes unconventional ideas

Is not afraid to challenge established systems

Creates a culture of innovation, flexibility and responsiveness