Planning and Organizing

Ability to plan, organise and monitor work with effective utilisation of resources such as time, money, and people.




Department of Personnel and Training DoPT



Manages own time well to meet set goals & objectives

Creates & follows a work plan and schedule

Uses available resources optimally to meet work objective


Identifies and tries to solve emerging issues in own area of work

Monitors progress consistently and revises work plans as needed

Keeps oneself abreast of new developments and makes necessary adjustments to timelines, work plan, and resource allocation as necessary

Identifies risks and early warning signals and modifies work plan accordingly


Clearly prioritises multiple, interrelated tasks when working with others

Considers a range of factors in the planning process

Meticulously plans all departmental activities to achieve set goals & objectives

Assigns resources based on prioritization of competing objectives

Communicates any changes or new developments to the schedule or work plan clearly & in a timely manner to the team

Balances the priorities of different interest groups keeping in mind the bigger picture


Creates a stable and safe environment to enable employees to meet objectives as per plan

Incentivises employees to stay organized and on track for meeting work goals