Seeking Information/ Desire for Knowledge

An underlying curiosity to know more about things, people, or issue. This includes “digging” for exact information and keeping up-to-date with relevant knowledge.




Department of Personnel and Training DoPT



Maintains up-to-date knowledge about circulars, department specific SOPs, memorandums and rulings etc that are required to perform everyday tasks

Maintains proper records of all documentation in order to have easy access to information for reference


Deep dives into policies and procedures in the related work area

Proactively reads any relevant reading material in order to keep abreast of developments in the work area

Tracks any local or national developments that will impact work area

Identifies and makes the most of learning opportunities (for e.g. attending workshops & training programs) to improve knowledge


Draws opportunities for learning from day to day experience

Seeks to enhance knowledge through interaction with experts and by reading articles and journals with a wide coverage

Consults closely with other Departments and relevant stakeholders to develop broader understanding

Takes up challenging assignments to develop more knowledge and experience

Stays up-to-date with global best practices and looks for opportunities for their implementation

Encourages team members to share their work experiences with each other regularly


Is identified as a thought leader and publishes articles in newspapers, journals etc in their field of work

Suggests strategies to develop Departments’/Civil Services’ overall knowledge base

Creates an environment that is open to knowledge sharing and learning