Knowledge Management

Organize, analyse, and share knowledge in a way that is easy for employees to access in order to improve performance, anticipate risks, and cultivate a collaborative culture.




Institute of Secretariat Training and Management



Understands the importance of knowledge management. Contributes to the maintenance of knowledge management databases

Incorporates knowledge management activities based on organisational needs


Researches & applies the best practices and upcoming trends of knowledge management. Is able to maintain knowledge management database in an organized manner by adhering to existing knowledge management guidelines


Provides research-based recommendations for improving knowledge management practices. Utilizes knowledge management systems to maintain information and meet organizational needs. Supports team members in adopting knowledge management practices


Incorporates knowledge management into all facets of work. Monitors the lifecycle of knowledge management (identify, capture, classify, etc.). Assesses the impact of knowledge management and anticipates risks and opportunities. Determining organisation wide strategies for knowledge management and cultivate a collaborative culture