Regulatory Compliance

Ensure compliance with policy and procedures, and provide reasonable assistance to those who seek information. Demonstrates knowledge, applies, and guides others on RTI matters to maintain procedural compliance,




Institute of Secretariat Training and Management



Identify legislative and regulatory requirements relevant to the organisation. Conduct self-monitoring of regulatory compliance activities Utilize tools to identify non-compliance. Exhibits an understanding and application of RTI procedures pertaining to information requests, receipts, transfers and records


Administer policies and procedures regarding compliance. Formulate recommendations for addressing areas of non-compliance. Maintain frameworks, programs, and documents according to regulatory changes through official trainings, circulars, parliament notices, etc. . In accordance with the RTI Act, acknowledges key stakeholders and institutional structures/processes in the RTI process. Provides timely responses and dispositions of RTI requests to concerned sections/departments.


Provide advice and guidance on non-compliance issues. Drive benchmarking or implementation of new or enhanced control policies. Respond to questions and provide reasonable assistance to individuals seeking information under the RTI act by facilitating inter-departmental communication to ensure delivery of a complete response.


Identify appropriate actions to address non-compliance within scope and enforce control policies. Examines information sought by application and/or received by the concerned section/department based on exemptions applicable to the RTI Act. Review requests for information from individuals under the RTI act and provide reasonable assistance as necessary. Analyses all proactive disclosures of RTI records with information provided by other departments in order to prepare RTI reports.