Policy management

Policy implementation, identify areas for policy development as per present requirements, evaluate existing policies to determine their credibility and relevance.




Institute of Secretariat Training and Management



Adhere to the policies as outlined in the policy documents. Highlight issues about policy execution following proper procedure. Handle policy exemption requests in the most efficient way possible. Provides inputs on policy gaps.


Identify, draft and amend the policies basis inconsistencies, misalignment, or shortcomings in the policies and procedures by stakeholder consultations/feedbacks. Write and design policy documents in accordance with strategic goals. Provide policy and procedure revisions to your staff. Identify possible policy implementation improvements and provide relevant recommendations.


Evaluate current policies, stimulate discussions, and identify potential amendments. Monitor resources in respect to policy and process implementation. Examine the efficacy of the policy based on defined success indicators. Communicate changes and revisions to policies to the relevant stakeholders. Take steps to ensure the adherence to the policies.


Develop and implement policy enforcement mechanisms in accordance with governance strategies. When developing/revising policies, determine and formulate strategic directions and goals through appropriate consultation processes with relevant stakeholders. Advocate for policy and procedure implementation and adherence.