Workplace health and safety

Embed good health, safety and wellbeing effectively in workplace to ensure alignment with the needs of employers, as well as comply with national and international standards and policies on workplace safety and health.




Ministry of Health and Family Welfare



Has understanding about basic house keeping and safety standards at workplace. Is able identify suitable categorisation of workplace

incidents. Is able to recognise unsafe working conditions.


Ability to implement and execute the workplace health and safety guidelines prescribed by the government.

Collect and analyse information and use it to during crisis situations for facilitating informed decision making.

Prepare reports on workplace incidents, applying established health and safety standards.

Routinely check that assurance mechanisms for workplace safety and health is accurate, there is sufficient control in place and management of the workplace is effective.


Is aware about the international key trends of healthy and safety guidelines and provide insights for improvising the current guidelines to avoid unexpected and unanticipated risks. Identify the procedures required for auditing and monitoring of workplace health and safety and drive effective implementation.

Identify key stakeholders and engage with them for examination of critical incidents at the workplace related to health and safety.


Have expertise in workplace health and safety like fire warden: sensitizes the employees of the importance of following fire safety guidelines, motivates employees to comply with the health ans safety guidelines.

Develop workplace safety and health policy that is consistent with the departmental / organizational strategy.

Establish governance mechanisms including structures and processes that are designed to ensure accountability, transparency, responsiveness.